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Deep penetrating Primer GG-04 (5l)

Deep penetrating Primer GG-04 (5l)
Deep penetrating Primer GG-04 (5l)

Deep-penetrating primer GG-04

The primer is used to strengthen the top layer of various substrates, reduce water absorption, and also to improve the adhesion of the substrate with subsequent layers of the coating.

On the primed surface, the time for maintaining the plasticity of mortar mixtures, including tile adhesives and self-leveling floor, increases, which makes it possible to increase the permissible time for adjusting the position of the tile and leveling the floor.

The primer can also serve as an independent binding material and a modifying additive for the preparation of mortar mixtures.

Drying time, hours: 4 - 6.

Consumption, g / m2: 100 - 200.

Volume, l: 5.

Основні параметри:
Drying time, h 4 - 6
Сonsumption, g / m2 100 - 200
Volume, l 5
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