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The company professionally produces paving slabs, wall blocks, fence stones, paving and road curbs, landscape design elements.


Today paving slabs are one of the most popular materials for landscaping.

Concrete paving stones can withstand any load. Technical characteristics guarantee the durability of the stone even in the most difficult climatic conditions.

In modern construction, creating patterns and ornaments from paving slabs is a kind of art. That is why a variety of shapes and a wide range of colors make paving stones the most popular and convenient material.


The company "Golden Mandarin Quadra" is a national manufacturer of concrete products for improvement. The beginning of activity in the field of manufacturing building materials was the launch in 2006 in Obukhov of the first concrete paving slab factory.

Today, the company has quite significant production capacities - these are four paving slab production plants (capacity 12000 m² of paving slabs per day), a facing stone production workshop, a landscape design and urban infrastructure production workshop.

Why is our tile the best?

The company has a certified laboratory.
The company has a certified laboratory.
Products of the Golden Manadrin Quadra Company meets all practical requirements, wide the range will satisfy any aesthetic wishes.
Top product quality
Top product quality
Due to high quality and latest technology, the company repeatedly won all-Ukrainian competitions. The company is constantly working on improving technology. production to produce products with the best operational characteristics.
Modern production technology
Modern production technology
The Golden Mandarin Quadra company is one of the largest in Ukraine semi-dry paving manufacturers vibropressing. This is a modern progressive technology that allows receive very high-quality concrete products in significant volumes of production.
We use quality raw materials
We use quality raw materials
The fundamental principle of the company is to obtain products with the best operational characteristics. It is for this purpose that is used high-quality raw materials, special equipment, unique recipes. The company introduced a four-level quality control system, at which continuous monitoring of all raw materials is carried out, operational control in the manufacturing process, intermediate control of the finished products and final control of finished products.


Guided by the mission “New for the better”, we have chosen the path of continuous expansion of the assortment and improving the quality of our products. The efforts of the team of our company are aimed at creating the most complete assortment offer, which will allow our customers to create landscaping of the highest European level.

Continuous work on thorough production technology is aimed at obtaining products with even better quality characteristics, both in aesthetic terms and in terms of durability.

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